We help you make sense of what you see

Every day, people in industry, whether they are operators or managers, inspectors or supervisors, need to look at millions of situations and make as many judgment calls. The quality of these decisions depends on the person’s experience, on the environment, on the geometry of the problem and on the availability of resources. The impact of these decisions directly influences workplace safety, productivity and profitability, as well as the quality of the product and of customer service.

What if you could observe the situation from many viewpoints at once, bring this information into one place so that an analysis system could interpret in real-time the scene in 3D, and extract objective and quantitative information, leading to better decisions?

How could better informed decisions make industrial processes safer, faster, more efficient, more effective and more profitable?

Nemesis Industrial Intelligence was born from the idea that imaging and photonics components have become so compact, so precise and so affordable, that these technologies can be deployed in great numbers to build systems which can observe, analyze, classify and deliver mission-critical recommendations, in real-time.

Our vision is to develop a new generation of imagery-based “intelligent decision assistants” in order to empower industry to make better real-time mission-critical decisions which reduce losses, improve safety, increase quality, and accelerate productivity and profitability.